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Embracing The LGBTQ Community

The world of The LGBTQ Comunity is a world of amazing people that work, attend school, and live life just like anyone else. Their existence is one of being no different than anyone in the heterosexual community. There will always be people that may not understand individuals that live, love, and laugh who belong to the LGBTQ population and that is sad because they are people just like anyone else that exists in this world. We focus on labels all the time and not realize that we all are the same in the fact that when cut we all bleed red. This makes us all part of the human race.

There have been many of my friends and colleagues that ask me “Why are you such a strong advocate of the LGBTQ Community?” I say that first, they are not only part of a wonderful existence in our world, they are misunderstood as individuals that may be different from the heterosexual Community. As it should be, all of us as humans should focus on gaining a level of understanding and acceptance rather than formulate an opinion based on some stereotypical assumption.

On 9/11/2001, the tragedy of the WTC will always be an emotional and horrific moment in time. Millions of lives were impacted on that day. Not only from the people that died on that day but many of us that watched in horror as the buildings collapsed some loved ones were never found. The one moment that stood out for me was a picture of individuals covered in grey soot and dust running from the building and it’s surrounding area. The picture showed several people and they were all gray. Not black or white, gray. At that very poignant moment in time, everyone in that picture was the same color. That picture will always stand out in my mind, right after the 911 tragedy, there were thousands and thousands of random acts of kindness being performed around the world. People in that tragedy were helping anyone they could to safety. Emergency response responders, medical professionals, and practically everyone in the area were getting people out of the building regardless of a previous label affixed to an individual. What happened to end that random acts of kindness and generosity? What occurred to stop caring about others? Was it the fact that everyone came together at that moment because of helping others to survive?

We need to remember that everyone on this planet has one thing in common. We are all human. The judgment that I have been faced with because I am Heterosexual and embrace the LGBTQ community has been unbelievable. Does it stop me from taking on the LGBTQ family in my career as a therapist? Definitely not. In fact, it strengthens my commitment to treating this community and taking on as well as addressing many issues that they experience. My commitment to all of my clients is to help them resolve issues that have become overwhelming and unmanageable. assistance is needed in putting forth my all in all to bring about a successful objective in peoples lives. In this tumultuous day and time of political issues, poverty, racial tension, war, as well as economic despair, life is rough by itself. Judging others because they may not travel the road that you experience, focus on the fact that their journey may be as difficult as yours. See people from the inside out, their inner beauty and personality. Don’t base your opinion on biased and uninformed reasons. We, in this world, all are human. Change your perspective on people and life and you can make a better tomorrow.

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