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Crystal Creations:

Intention Trees

The Place Hope Grows

What Are They?

These trees are a symbol of a goal, dream, or intention we will create together. It holds the creative energy and is a physical reminder to that you can see, touch, and refocus your energy on in your everyday life. It is your hope in action.

Why they Work?

It works with your unconscious intent, the unconscious works with emotions and symbols, and recognizes only affirmatives. Our yes!  It is looking to confirm our reality, to ensure our survival, and out for our best interest. Essentially if we want to change our thinking, we have to change how we feel about what we see, it is a challenging task, but it is a powerful shift and having a consistent tangible reminder to refocus and redirect us is an amazing tool and incredible energy.

Who are they meant for?

Yourself, for your relationship with another, as a gift another or purchase a gift certificate for a tree.

How to get started and what is included:

  • Consultation to focus on intention, preference of style, certain colors, or crystals

  • Individually selected style, crystals, and base after initial meeting

  • You determine final combination

  • Creation starts once estimates are accepted

  • You receive a write up to accompany your tree


*All size trees can be customized

Prices  & Delivery:

Your tree is important, so every consultation and tree gets the same amount of time and attention. Price reflects the time and care spent more than the materials used to make it. 

Customized trees can be done in all sizes prices range from $125 for small trees to $200 for the large trees.

 Retailers please reach to details about ordering large orders of cash and carry trees.

All Trees can be shipped to most locations.

Bring your intentions to life today

Click on the tree to start growing your hope

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