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About the Alisa
Alisa Schneidman IFS Practitioner, IHC, LMT, BCTMB, CRM & Adv. CST Practitioner 



Hi! I am Alisa.

In 2011 I wrote The House of Weird and created Serenity Writing Works to publish it. On my path, I just followed the next direction, the next step. I did not know it would lead me here. 


For me, writing has always been so much more than just a story or a poem, it was a connection, a direct line between me and something bigger, but most of all it was a way of being seen or being heard. I didn’t have to hide, and I didn’t have to be quiet. Every part of me could speak. There was space for every voice, and it was embraced, accepted, acknowledged, and valued. It held a jewel of wisdom, a truth that led to a deeper wisdom, and the space where it was held was one of unlimited compassion. (It was the only time I knew it.) clarify So why am I doing this now?

I knew that this type of healing was available to others, but part of me didn’t believe I could be redeemed, or worse, HAVE hope, only to be hurt again. I worked hard and tried anything put before me. “Give me a mold and I will fit myself in it,” I thought, but nothing worked. There was a part of me that wouldn’t even let myself hope. I felt like an outcast, a pariah. It was only when I was loved and accepted as that outcast that I began to heal. The energy I found is a type of divinity, an infinite source of healing. It exists within every person, ever present, so I learned to focus on these parts and be open to receiving the healing they bear.

I write and create from this space, I meet people from this space, I teach from this space, and I relate from this space. It is a lifestyle and a profession- I am the IFS practitioner, the artist and the author, the teacher, the Holistic Mental Health Coach, and experienced Energy Worker.  I guide with intuitive compassion using Internal Family Systems, integrating in Craniosacral Reiki, Art, Sound Healing, and other mindfulness tools to create a safe space for others to find that place within. With my partner, I own Elements of Wellness Holistic Center. Elements of Wellness are found in this infinite source of healing, or Self-energy, courage, creativity, connection, calm, confidence, clarity, courage, and curiosity. This path has led me here so I can lead you on your healing journey.



IFS Practitioner Level 1​

Certified Integrated Health Coach

Certified Art Therapy Coach

Licensed Massage Therapist DE & PA

National Board Certified Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworker

Reiki Master Teacher

Advanced Craniosacral Practitioner (Adults, Pediatrics, Infants, Neonatal)

IFS Informed Practitioner





Board Member of the Delaware Association for Children of Alcoholics

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