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About the Alisa
Alisa Schneidman LMT, BCTMB, CRM & Adv. CST Practitioner 



Hi! I am Alisa. I am so happy you stopped by my site. I am passionate about the Recovery process, creativity, and connection. I am an experienced Bodywork Practitioner and I specialize in working with the body mind connection. This means I have many years of training and experience in advanced bodywork modalities and outside trainings that help balance the effects of emotional stress, anxiety and trauma on the body and have had the honor of working with hundreds of amazing clients of different ages from different backgrounds that has allowed me to develop a unique set skill to meet people where they are in their healing process.


Please feel free to visit my Linkedin Profile , just click on the icon below to see details of my experience, licenses, education, and qualifications.


I am also a writer, and before I worked in the bodywork field I wrote and published  The House of Weird for children growing up in addiction and dysfunction.

There are as many different ways to heal as there are people writing their healing stories. I believe strongly in working with practitioners from different fields and my services are complementary to mental health therapy and medical treatment.


I believe in holistic treatment which means an inclusive approach and the skills of all talented practitioners from many fields. I have working relationships mental health and medical practitioners in the area, and I am always willing to communicate. My goal is to be on your side and your team to provide you the very best care possible. The bodywork services and Empath skills are a wonderful complement to other treatments, but they are not meant to be replacements.

 It has been a true honor to work with people wherever they are in their story, watching them find their voice, their truth and create their hope. Please reach out to me or click below to schedule, your story is waiting for you to create it.

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