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Alisa's Work

"Voice is the art of expressing you."

~Alisa Schneidman

Alisa's Work

Stupid Fall


I don’t like fall

Nope not one bit at all

Don’t talk to me of colors and pumpkin spice

Those colors are leaves dying

And I don’t like pumpkin

So, stop trying

I would rather the summer heat

Or winter snow

Fall is where the days grow darker

And it slowly gets colder

But nah lets give winter the bad rep

I am here to set the record straight

Fall just ain’t great

It’s a celebration of death, darkness and strep

Well maybe not strep

But definitely the flu

Yeah colds are bad too

And don’t get me started on holidays

Everything is just insane

Fall is nothing but madness

Disguised in candy, turkeys and gladness

But its not fooling me on bit

There’s nothing to recommend it

I wish it would just go away

And skip to the comfort cold snowy days

Fall robbed me you see

It took her from me

Left me in tears

Only gave me two short hours

To last me the rest of my years

And I most remember

Come mid-November

Something I could never forget

So, I don’t like fall

Nope, not one bit at all

But I will never regret it.


~Alisa Schneidman

October 3, 2022

This Too Shall Pass…


This too shall pass

My least favorite line

This too shall pass

It is used at all the wrong times

This too shall pass

Does that ever help?

This too shall pass

Eventually so do welts

This too shall pass

Thanks, got anything else new

This too shall pass

As will the urge to sucker punch you

This too shall pass

I heard kidney stones do the same

This too shall pass

So it doesn’t matter about the pain?

This too shall pass

But something else will come my way

That too shall pass

And you’ll have another damn cliche

This too shall pass

But that doesn’t make it ok now

This too shall pass

So why don’t you tell me how?

~Alisa Schneidman




Here you are

No matter what

Life can be that way

I know-

It can blow, really be fucked

Then somebody sends you

A trite little meme

Trying to convince you 

It’s not as bad as it seems

But what if it is?

What if you are living your worst fear?

In the middle of a nightmare.

Are you still reading this?

Maybe morbid curiosity? 

Clinical depression 

 Crippling anxiety 

Well you’re welcome

Everyone needs an audience

So they say

Never figured out

Exactly who was meant by “they”

But I suppose “they”are right

So I  will get back to my point

Not sure it’s full of much insight  

Ok, it all really has turned to shit?

These lemons ain’t making lemonade

What are you supposed to do with it?

Maybe the worst is the best scenario 

Now it’s finally here

You have nowhere to go

Nothing left to face 

Forced to deal with your fear 

Not consumed in doubt 

You can move on for real

The burden lifted 

Peace pushing pain out

No monsters in shadows

Imagine being truly free 

Making a choice 

In complete autonomy 

Woah, I know,  fuck me

For turning this around

But what else is power 

But fear turned upside down

I don’t claim to be some sage

I just have lived this out 

Seen it proven to be true

I am putting it out there 

It’s up to you what you do

Now life it can stay fucked

But at least you will have a choice

For me I always felt better

When it included my voice.


~Alisa Schneidman


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