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Welcome to Serenity Writing Works....the Place to Rewrite Your Story

Serenity Writing Works creates pathways to connect back to your fundamental self, rediscovering your internal sacred space that connects to something bigger, and bringing peace. 


We will show you how to access a calm, healing space inside yourself. We teach you tools to break patterns, support you in setting boundaries, provide you with tools to release the burdens you hold, and help you learn to find perspective and regulate emotions, so you can create the life you want and lead it with confidence. 


Serenity Writing Works is a safe space to develop deeper connections within ourselves and with the outside world by healing the burdens that create blocks to living our fullest lives. Our clients struggle with relationship trauma, abandonment trauma, childhood trauma, workplace trauma, trauma held in the body, grief and loss of child, grief and loss, empath/highly sensitive

eating disorders, addiction, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, children and adult children of alcoholics, narcissistic - empath dynamics, recovering from narcissistic abuse or currently in a relationship with narcissistic person. We inspire hope through a gentle shift in perspective.

Using holistic, creative, and integrative approaches, we access your inner wisdom with compassion, seeing resistance as protection and pain as a desire to heal, and facilitate the relationship between your own healing energy and all parts of your system.  


You may connect through writing, energy work, sound healing, art, aromatherapy, cooking, photography, music, crystals; the possibilities are as endless as the people who use them. Serenity Writing Works will help you explore, express, and reach out to find and use your voice- the art of you.

What is IFS and How it Works

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a holistic therapeutic modality that views each person’s mind being made up of different parts with jobs that differ but all have the goal of helping us to survive and maintain a type of balance. All of our parts work hard to help us survive and keep us safe. When there is a traumatic event our parts will adopt beliefs or burdens and other parts will adopt extreme protective roles and maintain them long after the danger has passed so we do not feel the pain we did when we were originally hurt. These extreme parts can look like shaming critics, addicts, dissociative parts, caretakers, perfectionists, overachievers, parts that believe we are worthless, stupid , unlovable the and list goes on. These parts are young and frozen in the past. When they are triggered we become that age and are blended with their reality. None of these parts are sick they simply are stuck in a form of Groundhog Day.

IFS is a way of helping those wounded parts heal and relieve their burdens by introducing them to our Self energy. It is the energy that is in all of us and is the source of healing and renewal. It is not a part but rather the essence of Life that we all carry. It has the ability to be compassionate, calm, curious, creative, connected, clear, courageous, and confident with all our parts fostering a space for healing. It is a presence that has perspective, patience, persistence and is playful. Our parts have Self Energy in them and the goal is to form a trusting relationship that allows us to speak and act for our parts so we can lead a full and intentional life.

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