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Pink Tourmaline

  • Pink Tourmaline is another member of the Tourmaline family, belonging to the Elbaite group. The pink color of this tourmaline is resulting from the presence of naturally irradiated Manganese ions. In fact, as these ions become more charged, the reddish color deepens. Borrowing from part of the Black Tourmaline definition, “Tourmaline is a “crystalline boron silicate mineral”, which really means that its crystalline structure is made up of repeating units including Boron and Silicon and Oxygen (commonly compounded as silicon dioxide). The tourmaline family is classified as a cyclosilicate (a ring arrangement of Si₆O₁₈), with a hexagonal crystal structure. Madagascar, Italy, Brazil, and either coast of the U.S. are a few notable places to find Elbaite Tourmaline. Helping to clear the emotional body of toxic thoughts and old baggage helping to release feelings of anxiety and depression that has been sitting in the emotional self for years. This crystal is another tool to assist in somatoemotional release (releasing emotions from the physical body), and deep wounds which is essential for holistic healing. Physically pink tourmaline is a useful tool for those with cardiovascular issues, with regulating the menstrual cycle, helping to support preteens approaching puberty, helps with the lungs, skin and conditions of the nervous system. Pink Tourmaline with its connection to high heart chakra energy is an extraordinary tool for those doing deep healing work. 

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