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Crystal Dictionary




A banded, translucent form of chalcedony. It is found throughout the world and domestically in the Western United States. Agate promotes maturity, security, inner stability, and self-confidence. It helps with artistic expression, marital fidelity, and aids young children beginning to walk. Agates were used and still used in amulets to prevent accidents. Physically the agate is said to help with digestive issues, the heart & circulatory system and fevers. Uncovering inner truths and working with self-discovery  is something attributed to the agate because it promotes clarity of thought and self-acceptance.

The stone of courage and truth, it empowers each person to find their own truth and live aligned with it. Helping to set and maintain clear boundaries, this crystal is wonderful for those working of creating a healthy space for themselves on all levels and it can be used to reinforce that idea as a physical presence. Amazonite is a blue-green form of feldspar that was at one point found almost only in Russia, is still only found in Mynamar, India, Ethopia, Madagascar, Brazil , Colorado and Virginia. Amazonite helps to align the etheric and physical bodies so it is great for chakra balancing. Helping with trauma healing as it soothes and balances the mind, calms worry and directs anger. Helping with self-care as a whole it is important to anyone on a healing journey. On a physical level it is said to help alleviate symptoms of  infection, thyroid symptoms, and muscular symptoms. 

Amethysts are quartzes with iron impurities, irradiated enough to become purple. Powerful and protective, the stone of sobriety and transmute lower energy into higher vibration. Activates the crown chakra accessing the spirtual connection. Clears and repairs the holes in the aura and connects the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Physically it helps with migraines, headaches, nightmares, insomnia, and can reduce eyestrain. This crystal is both powerful and protective, an important addition to anyone's kit who is healing, repairing and making their way forward in the growth process. 


Black Agate is another form of agate and found where other agates are found. Used for grounding. Brings calm and peace particularly in times of grief, supports inner strength, keeps peace in the household. Helps with pain in joints and movement of shoulder and neck. Keeps body in balance as it ages.


Onyx is another variation of the SiO₂ crystal. Its appearance is due to the banding of chalcedony, a very fine grain consolidation. Onyx can be found anywhere in the world, being a form of quartz, after all.
 Black Onyx is particularly good with supporting people through times of crisis, bolstering their stamina and supporting their emotional and physical strength when life demands it. Its helps preventing someone's energy from being drained. Physically its excellent for the teeth and bones, and boosts the immune system. This is a great stone for grounding and stabilizing the emotional self which is important for healing.  


Tourmaline is a “crystalline boron silicate mineral”, which really means that its crystalline structure is made up of repeating units including Boron and Silicon and Oxygen (commonly compounded as silicon dioxide). The tourmaline family is classified as a cyclosilicate (a ring arrangement of Si₆O₁₈), with a hexagonal crystal structure.
  Black tourmaline is unique in having higher concentrations of iron than others in the same family (NaFe²⁺₃Al₆(BO₃)₃Si₆O₁₈(OH)₄). This concentration allows for magnetic properties in the mineral! These kinds of tourmalines are also referred to as “Schorl” tourmalines. Schorl is mostly mined in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Namibia, Brazil, and Madagascar, among a few other minor locations. Excellent for Empaths because it deflects negative energy and protects the aura. An important crystal for Empaths to carry on them to protect from environmental influences.  Its great for channeling energy through and grounding which is helpful when dealing with triggers.  It can help to release thoughts of self-harm and toxic thought processes.  Physically black tourmaline helps with arthritis, lower back pain, pain in the lower limbs, and the digestive system. Black tourmaline is essential for Empaths and anyone on their healing journey to add as a protective crystal to their collection.


 Botswana agate is a variation of agate that is notable for its parallel lines of white, purple, and peach colors. Agate itself is banded chalcedony- a microcrystalline version of quartz (SiO₂). Since pure quartz is transparent, agate only gets its coloring from impurities and/or crystalline imperfections. As per its name, Botswana Agate is found primarily in the African country of Botswana. A crystal for the very sensitive and easily hurt, it soothes those emotions and eases the pain of grief. It supports teens and children who are teased and adults who are using online dating. Especially helpful as a tool in treating depression. Physically it treats sexual dysfunction, detoxing the body and it is good for the skin amongst other things. Botswana Agate is a wonderful tool for the release of grief. 


Calcite, also known to chemists as calcium carbonate, is a very common mineral found worldwide. It can come in many forms and colors, always with the formula XCO₃. Calcium carbonate is very commonly found in stalagmites and stalactites found in caverns. Clear calcite is known to help forgiveness, insight and increasing clarity which is important to the healing process. White Calcite is known for cleansing and clearing and is excellent for empaths particularly during grounding. Helping to rejeuvenate and revitalize the self it is great for restoring and amplifies all energies so intention is important with this crystal. 


Carnelian is a form of agate that is banded in red, orange, and brown. It is a hard stone that is tumbled to stone that is used in jewelry. Found in Brazil, Urguay, India and Madagascar. A crystal of leadership and courage, this stone helps with exercise and endurance. Carnelian is a crystal of love and making love, and rekindling passion in relationships.  Helps with impotence and fertility. It protects against the effects of rage, envy and jealousy both self and others which is very helpful for Empaths whose tendency to absorb energy can be hit hard with these powerful emotion. This crystal is known for its stabilizing effects and grounding in present time which is essential while working through powerful emotions. 

Celestite is a unique mineral, being one of the principal sources of strontium (a chemical commonly used in fireworks. Celestite is made of strontium sulfate, which gives it a wispy blue color. Celestite is known to form in geodes, specifically the world’s largest geode on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. Otherwise, celestite is found worldwide. Its name is derived from the Latin caelestis, which means “celestial”.Celestite is a crystal that helps anyone under constant stress or who has lived in that state and has trouble calming down from it.  This crystal brings calm to their emotional system and the surrounding environment. Anyone who has lived through trauma has lived in this state of hypervigilance and would benefit from the calming energy of this crystal. It is known as the crystal of peace; allowing the mind to calm so the body can restore itself. It is a tool to help work with worry, fear, paranoia, high anxiety, as well as heal grief, sadness and despair. Celestite is said to aid in healing digestive disorders, and problems of the eyes, ears and throat. Keeping the crystal in the environment to clear any stagnant energy helps to keep your field clear which makes it incredibly useful to anybody looking to optimize your healing journey.

celestite cluster extra.jpg



Cherry quartz is a synthetic material made of dyed quartz combined with cinnabar, that creates the reddish-pink color. Being a man-made glass it is not found naturally. Being that it is a quartz cinnabar it carries the properties of both making it excellent for recharging and rebalancing body, mind and spirit. It is excellent to help strengthen connections between the aura and the body, helps with concentration, forgiveness, releasing resentments, and wards off any type of negative energy. It helps to remove heaviness from your heart and boosts energy. Physically Cherry Quartz is a tool to help with arthritis, autoimmune, colds, infections, burns, and rid the body of toxins. Cherry Quartz helps to bring comfort and nurturing energy to your toolkit.


Chrysocolla is a copper silicate mineral. Chrysocolla never naturally occurs in conventional crystal deposits- it is often found in certain formations where one can’t tell the crystal shape. What anybody could tell, however, is the rich and beautiful blue color given by its large copper content. That said, chrysocolla is also known as an ore of copper, and is found in many of the copper deposits around the world. Copper (and chrysocolla with it) is often found in arid regions, but can be found worldwide. Chrysocolla is a stone to aid healing after any rocky patch in your life because it is known to calm emotions and center mind and spirit to help the whole process. It aids loving communication and helps those with trauma wounds calm down when facing triggers so they can think clearly. Physically it is known to help The nervous system, digestion, adrenals, and thyroid conditions. Bringing you together with your inner truth, wisdom and appropriate and safe communication which is invaluable when moving along a healing path. 


Citrine is another form of quartz. In fact, it’s another form of amethyst, a heat treated variant. Amethysts are quartzes with iron impurities, irradiated enough to become purple. When exposed to further heat, the amethyst becomes the yellow citrine. Thus, anywhere around the world you can find amethyst, and possibly with the amethyst, citrine. Allowing the reception and acceptance of joy, citrine is a powerful crystal for manifesting and bringing prosperity to your life. Cleansing negative energy to the atmosphere and energies within the body itself this powerful crystal amplifies the energy of the whole body. It inspires creativity and increases self-esteem, which can be instrumental in healing. Physically Citrine helps support the endocrine system and physical stamina, helping with nervous system, and elimination it is a must have in your collection.  


Clear quartz is synonymous with pure quartz. Quartz can come in many varieties (you’ll see many of them in this store). Pure quartz itself is simply the repeating SiO₂ unit. Did you know quartz is the second most common mineral in the Earth’s crust, after feldspar. Most versatile and powerful healing stone. Stone of power and intention, protects against negativity, and strengthens the aura. Cleanses, opens and activates all chakras. Clear quartz absorbs energies easily so needs cleansed often. Six sided naturally form and emit  healing energies when kept in a central locations. Physically can be used for any condition and helps to relieve pain.


 Dalmation Jasper is a form of jasper that is white and speckled with black spots. Jasper is an opaque chalcedony, which is a very fine kind of quartz. Jasper itself has many, many impurities, leading some to refer to it more as a rock than a mineral. Interestingly, jaspers exhibit triboluminescence- the emission of light when a frictional force is applied. Dalmation Jasper strengthens family ties, helps with disillusionment and positive outlook. It helps people who are feeling in pain and scared, and on any healing journey this stone can help increase positive feelings and moving forward. The strengthening of ties allows for a support network to be present which is important in the healing process. 


 Druzy quartzes are quartzes with very tiny minerals or elements places on top of it, altering its texture and appearance in various ways, sometimes smooth, sometimes sparkly. A very spiritual crystal, it helps to balance out bodily and spiritual energies and wonderful to bring to any group spiritual gathering. Helping to dispel feelings of depression and connect with higher guidance this crystal is a wonderful support on a healing journey. 


Combining Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Selenite and Palo Santo we have created a basic Empath Set that aids in clearing, cleansing, amplifying, grounding and protecting Empathic individuals. 

Black Tourmaline shields, grounds and protects the energy field by discharging energy. 

Rose Quartz holds on and amplifies loving vibrations to help heal and restore peace to the system. 

Selenite is a powerful Crystal excellent for shielding and clearing both the energetic field and other crystals. 

Palo Santo is a shamanic wood that cleanses the aura and energy field and can be used after meditations, to clear a field or energetic space. 

Working with this set of tools can restore harmony and balance to your system


The Fibonacci Sequence is defined as Fₙ=Fₙ₋₁+Fₙ₋₂. This means that the term n is equal to the sum of the term of n-1 (the one directly before) and the term n-2 (the one two before). The Fibonacci Sequence has crept its way into many mathematical applications- including the fibonacci spiral- unbeknownst to the discoverer of it, who himself was named Fibonacci, an Italian mathematician. The Fibonacci Spiral is a logarithmic spiral that can be seen in many natural objects such as galaxies and hurricanes. Humans are programmed to respond to this golden-ratio. It is found throughout nature whether a seashell or music we respond to it, and that connection is where the spiritual nature is said to lie. 


Fluorite is made of CaF₂, also known as calcium fluoride. Many fluorites are not pure coming with different impurities that give it color. Fluorite is one of the most sought after minerals for its fluorescent properties, with the term “fluorescent” being derived from it. Fluorite is known for bringing harmony and align scattered energies. Known for healing the heart chakra and help clear the past emotional issues it enables release of trauma while balancing heart and mind. One of the nicknames is "The Genius Stone" and boosts mental achievement. Physically it is excellent for disorders of the stomach, autoimmune issues, and with colds & flus. Fluorite is wonderful to have in any collection when on a recovery path because of its simultaneous releasing and balancing effects.


Garnet is not a singular mineral, but rather a group of chemically similar crystals all having the common unit of (SiO₄)₃. This higher-hardness crystal comes in several forms, notably Almandine, Pyrope, Rhodolite, Spessartite, Grossular, Tsavorite, Andradite, and Uvarovite. The various forms of the crystal comes with Manganese, Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium. Interestingly, sometimes the various types of garnet mix in the same crystal, possibly making a multicolored crystal. That said, garnets come in almost any color besides bluish shades. Garnet is very important in the fields of geology and industry for its very unique and resistant properties, some having a hardness higher than quartz. Garnet, being a very durable and easily formed mineral can be found all over the world. Garnet is known to help move stagnate chi, align the chakras, and detoxify the whole energy system. It is a protective stone that is excellent in a crisis because it strengthens our instinct to survive, soothes sadness and increases positivity. Garnet is a tool to stimulate the physical connection between two people in a relationship, so it can be a useful tool for rekindling romance. Physically garnet helps stimulate metabolism and libido. Overall this stone opens the body, calms the mind and increases the flow of life energy throughout the system which is important to not only live but heal and thrive. 


Goldstone is an excellent crystal for grounding and stabilizing emotional volatile. It is a powerful tool when overwhelmed with strong and toxic emotions, because it is such a powerful grounding stone it helps to return toxic energy back to its source as opposed to just grounding it out which makes it a great addition to an Empathic Person’s toolkit. Helping to maintain energy and enthusiasm Goldstone is great when completing projects, and for those experiencing mental pressure in personal and professional settings. Physically Goldstone has been shown to reduce inflammation, help with infection, the effects of chemotherapy. Helping to rejuvenate and restore the body and body, for focus and clarity and helping with mental exhaustion makes this a wonderful tool on the healing journey.


Aventurine is a form of chalcedony, which is a microcrystalline (fine grain) version of quartz. Aventurine is a form of quartz, therefore can be found anywhere in the world with silica deposits. Color varies with impurity, but in the case of green aventurine, the precise mineral is fuschite. Green Aventurine helps in releasing old and toxic relationships this crystal is excellent for those healing from the effects of abusive and traumatic relationships as it is a tool in the purging of the toxic energies around the heart. It guards against environmental pollution in general, and stimulates the growth of premature infants, young children and teenagers. Physically its good for the heart and circulatory system, has anti-inflammatory effects and helps the urinary track. 


 Green quartz, as per its name, is another form of quartz that we so often see in the crystal world. Like citrine, green quartz is a heat-treated variation of amethyst. Amethyst is quartz with iron impurities, irradiated enough to become purple. Therefore anywhere that quartz is violet like an amethyst, it can be green too. Green quartz works directly on the heart chakra Green Quartz helps to increase empathy, compassion, and wounds within the heart area. It brings in the concept of Universal love and is good for both the giver and receiver when it is given as a gift. When used in meditation it amplifies the energy of Universal Love which emanates from the heart chakra which is part of the forgiveness process and can be helpful in recovery work. Physically it helps with the Endocrine System.  This crystal can be a true gem for anyone looking to elevate their vibration in mediation and clear energies. 


Believe it or not, hematite is a conglomerate of rust. Pretty lackluster right? Rust is made when metals oxidize, or react with oxygen. This is largely an electrochemical process, and in fact there are many industries making money of research in this area, making hematite valuable. When iron rusts, it is going back into an ore, so in essence, hematite is also iron ore. The base unit of hematite is Fe₂O₃, otherwise known as iron oxide. Hematite can be found anywhere around the world, many of the places already having been discovered and are devoted mines. Hematite is a collector of negative energies, it is an excellent crystal to help gather and hold toxic energies. It is important to clear this crystal often, and Empaths may want to be extra cautious when carrying this crystal on their person, instead use it in the surrounding environment, because it will attract and hold onto energies. Hematite is excellent for grounding a room or a person's energy body. It is wonderful for organizing thoughts and the logical mind. It helps where there is elevated emotion in and quiets the mind, and because of its uses in grounding it can be a useful tool for anxiety. Physically hematite helps with healing the blood and iron deficiency. Hematite is excellent to have when working to stay grounded and dispel negative energy in the environment. 



Iolite/Cordierite Iolite is a cyclosilicate mineral that changes color based on the angle it is observed at. It is typically chosen having a bluish violet color. Cordierite can be found worldwide, mostly in metamorphic rock formations. Iolite is a stone of balance. It brings harmony to the masculine and feminine sides of the self, perspective with deep emotional issues. It is a tool when working with shadow self, allowing yourself to look at it without fear but rather acceptance. Iolite is an excellent to tool to examine wounds and them not staying stuck in them, allowing movement through the healing process. Using this stone with your relationship work can be useful with co-dependency issues and even in relationship to money. Iolite helps access the creative mind, intuition and self-expression. It is the stone of shamans and used in journeying. Physically it is used to support detoxification, help with numbness of limbs, nerves disorders and digestion. Iolite is a crystal a wonderful balancing tool to add to your expanding toolbox.


 Pyrite is known as “fool’s gold” for its deceptively golden appearance. The Greeks called this “pyritēs”, meaning “of fire”, due to it having been used to create sparks when struck against iron in ancient times. Pyrite, being formed of the simple FeS₂ (Iron Disulfide), can be found worldwide in most kinds of rocks. Pyrite is good to carry on your person because it guards against negative energy sources , which is particualrly helpful for Empaths,and helps block energy leaks and tears in your aura. helping to maintain your well-being. Physically it is a tool to shield the body from infection and known to maintain health in general, increasing blood supply and oxygenation. Pyrite is excellent to have as a guardian in your collection.


Jade is a very common mineral found in Southeast Asia, familiar to Mesoamerican culture, as many ceremonial items and jewelry, especially endemic to the Mayans. Jadeite is a green crystal that is classified as a sodium aluminum silicate, which give it its famously unique green color. Most quality Jade is found in Southeast Asia and Mesoamerica. Jade is known as the "dream stone" it brings things to the conscious during dreams and helps to heal them, it helps people to build their confidence and independence, and improve dysfunctional relationships. Physically Jade helps cleanse the whole body and restores the body's health, good for the skeletal system and for the reproductive system. Jade is wonderful tool for mind and body to heal and detox. 


Kyanite is an aluminum silicate mineral, being related to quartzes. Renowned for its richly blue color and smooth, slender and vitreous appearance, kyanite has even been used as a gemstone. Kyanite also finds employment in electronics as an insulator. This mineral can be found in many areas of the world, largely occuring in igneous and metamorphic rocks (thus is unlikely to find in sedimentary rocks such as shale and limestone, which occur in more watery area). Especially important for opening the mind to deep meditative states and those seeking to open new spiritual pathways. It brings healing to the whole body and allow for deep introspection the self to create identity to find your own path, and to be in touch with and listen to your intuition. Kyanite helps deal with the victim state, clear energetic blockages, and to function with your intellect over emotions in times of deep emotional crisis. Kyanite is known to facilitate communication for business, public speaking, and re-connecting to relationships that have been disharmonious.  Physically it clears toxins from the body that have accumulated in the body and for children that are physically having troubles.  Kyanite is a self-cleansing crystal and is known not to retain negative energy. This is an incredible crystal to have while moving forward on your healing journey. 


Labradorite is a sodium calcium aluminum silicate, meaning that connected to the silicon and oxygen (“silicate”) structure, is also sodium and calcium. Labradorite is notable for exhibiting iridescence, that is, the appearance of changing colors when viewed at different angles. This is due to microstructures that interfere with the deflection and refraction of light. Labradorite of the best quality is found in Finland, with other important quarries in Ukraine, Australia, and Madagascar. Labradorite is known for soothing an overactive mind and helps with the imagination, brings adventure and fun back into your life. Helps with introspection and being clear in thought and bringing wisdom to thoughts. It helps banish fears, anxieties and increase faith. Physically it helps the respiratory system and with colds, helping with the eyes and brain disorders, and good for lowering blood pressure. This stone is excellent for bringing "magic" back to your life and spirit.


Lapis Lazuli also known as Lazurite, is a blue crystal rich in color, its name derived from the Arabic word for heaven, “Lazaward”. Lazurite, when refined into a gemstone, is known as “Lapis Lazuli” and “Lapis”. A sodium calcium aluminum silicate with sulfur, Lazurite is most often found in the Middle East and Russia, with some other mines in Western United States. Lapis Lazuli is used to balance the throat chakra and promote communication. Encourages truthful and powerful expression,includes easier voicing of anger. Connects the spiritual and physical bodies, protects against psychic attack, shields against negative vibration, enhances dream work and journeying. Helps the thyroid, immune system, and nervous system works with headaches, migraines, fevers and pain.


Lepidolite is part of the mica group of minerals. Distinguished for its lilac color, Lepidolite is one of the principal sources of lithium. Generally found in igneous rocks, Lepidolite is mined from Afghanistan, Mozambique, Sweden, Portugal, Brazil, and the U.S. Sometimes, Lepidolite can be confused for pink variations of muscovite, which is a very common mineral to find in large, flexible sheet formations. Lepidolite has a calming energy that brings balance to the emotional system particularly for those grieving and bringing mindfulness back to joys in the present moment. It is an excellent complimentary tool for those coping with depression and anxiety. Lepidolite brings a sense of awareness, tranquility and stabilizes the mood. Physically Lepidolite purifies tissues, helps with nerve pain, and increases the immunity.



Mala beads are used for keeping track of a mantra whether it is being said aloud or silently. Hence they are used for prayer or meditation.  They are also known as japa, typically they are made with 18, 27, 54, or 108 beads. 


 Malachite is a green crystal that is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral. Malachite has been known since ancient times, mined as far back as 3800 years at the Great Orme Mine in Great Britain in large quantities. Malachite is named after the mallow plant for its green color and resemblance to the leaves. Large quantities were also mined from the Ural Mountains of Russia, with some of the material going to the creation of the Winter Palace, forming a large part of the formal reception room there. Malachite is known to absorb negative energy from the body, and electromagnetic pollution. Protecting against the fear of flying it is an excellent tool to accompany people who are trying to overcome any fear. It helps with deep change and transforming the self, especially those healing from childhood trauma and abuse. Malachite supports healthy emotional risk taking which supports growth in and decreases need in a relationships. Physically it supports those who have hypertension, female reproductive issues, Parkinson's Disease and kidney issues. It is important to note this crystal should only be used in its polished form because its dust is toxic. Malachite is incredibly powerful for those going through a personal transformation process.


Carries the energy of spiritual change and consciousness, using the Merkaba to meditate can help self-healing by bringing in higher consciousness and love. 


Known as a map of the Universe; Source Energy moves throughout and vibrates LOVE at every level. 



Moldavite is a green-brown glass that has been cut into gemstones since the mid 19th century. Technically, Moldavite is a mineraloid- which means that it exhibits properties of minerals, but is not one. Thought to have formed from meteor impacts, moldavite cooled and formed so quickly that the molecules didn’t have time to align into a crystal. Specimens are largely found in the Ries and Steinheim craters on Southern Germany. Moldavite aids in meditation and deep healing of the heart. It connects the mind and emotional self. It calms doubts and worry over money. This stone will bring deep trauma to the surface for healing. Helps release old belief systems that are no longer serving and helps to find new and original solutions to problems. Physically moldavite is good for the eyes, gout, anemia, asthma, memory, rejuvenation, combating chemical pollutants, and when dealing with a progressive illness. Moldavite can be a useful tool in the diagnostic process to find the source of a disease and help with the healing process. This other-worldly crystal finds a home in the collection of many Empaths who need support and feel lost because it helps restore a sense of home, purpose and peace.


Moonstone is a sodium potassium aluminum silicate. The romans believed that moonstone was solidified rays of light from the moon. That’s pretty out there. Moonstone is the Florida state gemstone, adopted in 1970 to commemorate the first manned mission to the Moon. Moonstone, though not common, has been found in every continent besides Antarctica. Moonstone helps with the acceptance of love, it is the traveler's stone particularly for those going on an inward journey of healing and growth. Excellent for first or new love, also the stone of kundalini and carnality. Helps to calm and soothe emotion and align them with the Universe. The moonstone helps to be gentle with yourself which is so important when healing, being gentle with the self is how we have true compassion for others, soothing the emotional body when dealing with intense memories and triggers is important throughout the process. Physically Moonstone helps to regulate the rhythms of the body and with fluid retention in the body, helps with the growth of children and absorption of nutrients. Moonstone is excellent for both mind and body healing. 


Morganite is a Beryl Aluminum Silicate, itself just a variation of Beryl in a pinkish-purple variety. Morganite is also related to Emerald and Aquamarine. Morganite was named after the American banker J.P. Morgan, who himself was a collector of gemstones. Morganite is extremely rare in nature, and so has no notable locations where it is found. The crystal of Divine Love, attracts the abundance of love in your life, heals the heart and heart chakra a tool in healing fears, anger and resentment. It fosters love by healing the deep blocks to meaningful loving relationships. It is known to help attract your soulmate and enrich your current relationship, can also bring peace and acceptance in the grief process because of connection to the Universal love and energies. Physically Morganite strengthens the heart and is good for the thyroid gland and respiratory system. Morganite is excellent for the heart in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.


Obsidian is formed when felsic (silica-rich) lava is extruded from a volcano a cools rapidly but produces minimal crystals. This forms a crystalline glass of silicon dioxide. The black coloration that occurs in obsidian is large in part the same process with smoky quartz, albeit to a much larger degree- the irradiation of the silicon dioxide crystals releases silicon freely which gives the stone a dark, nearly black color. Obsidian, being volcanic glass, can be found anywhere with volcanic activity, more precisely felsic lava flows. Obsidian is known to help support through the grieving process and helping people face their inner demons, or shadow self, which is important when healing from addictions and abuse. This crystal supports the re-establishing of personal power and sense of self after traumatic events which is important to the healing process. The wounded warrior is always a warrior, and appropriately this crystal is also known as "Apache Tears". Physically it is known to help seeing the mind-body connection with illness, and help with musclo-skeletal tension. Obsidian is a crystal of empowerment that all those healing can use in their collection. 


Linked to the heart chakra it is a perfect mirror of itself and symbolizes the mirror that we are to each other, and encourages compassion. 


Opalite is a man-made glass with opalescent properties. Made chiefly of dolomite and metals, Opalite is known for having a beautiful, creamy appearance. Being man-made, opalite cannot be found naturally. Opalite helps with communication and particularly voicing repressed feelings. It helps with changes and transitions which is important through any therapeutic process. It can also help with business endeavors, and it helps people with determination and persistence. Physically its good for the blood and kidneys. Opalite is excellent to meditate with and keep in your collection to support you as you move through changes. 


Palo Santo, known as "Holy Wood",  originates in South America and is a very fragrant wood. The benefits of burning Palo Santo are the following: cleansing & purifying energy of the environment and your own aura, restoring harmony, inspiring creativity by reducing stress, increasing positive feelings and a sense of well-being, it compliments meditation to bring a sense of grounding by connecting to the Earth, treating variety of physical and emotional ailments, and energetic protection when used for smudging. Palo Santo is an excellent when doing any type of energetic work or clearing Empathic and energetic cords. 


Pendulum Creation and Use Guide Buy one of the pendulum crystals in the Slivers of Serenity store. Find a string or chain suitable (approximate 5-6 inches). Thread the cord through the hole and tie it together. Find a place and position to reach a calm state of mind. To confirm that it works, ask it a simple command such as “Show me a yes” Wait some time and it will begin to sway or circle. Congratulations!


Pink Tourmaline is another member of the Tourmaline family, belonging to the Elbaite group. The pink color of this tourmaline is resulting from the presence of naturally irradiated Manganese ions. In fact, as these ions become more charged, the reddish color deepens. Borrowing from part of the Black Tourmaline definition, “Tourmaline is a “crystalline boron silicate mineral”, which really means that its crystalline structure is made up of repeating units including Boron and Silicon and Oxygen (commonly compounded as silicon dioxide). The tourmaline family is classified as a cyclosilicate (a ring arrangement of Si₆O₁₈), with a hexagonal crystal structure. Madagascar, Italy, Brazil, and either coast of the U.S. are a few notable places to find Elbaite Tourmaline. Helping to clear the emotional body of toxic thoughts and old baggage helping to release feelings of anxiety and depression that has been sitting in the emotional self for years. This crystal is another tool to assist in somatoemotional release (releasing emotions from the physical body), and deep wounds which is essential for holistic healing. Physically pink tourmaline is a useful tool for those with cardiovascular issues, with regulating the menstrual cycle, helping to support preteens approaching puberty, helps with the lungs, skin and conditions of the nervous system. Pink Tourmaline with its connection to high heart chakra energy is an extraordinary tool for those doing deep healing work. 


Rainbow fluorite has the same chemical composition as fluorite and the color is due to arranging of the crystals. Excellent for Indigo Children and for meditation because it aids free-thinking, mental flexibility and freedom of choice. Keeping this stone nearby helps with independence and advocating through your own voice and empowering independence. It is a crystal to add to your collection as you are moving through any transition. 


 Red Jasper is a form of jasper rich with iron impurities, much like the rocks of Mars. Jasper itself is a form of chalcedony, or a microcrystalline form of quartz. Jasper is different in that it is opaque when compared to other quartz relatives, and varies widely in color and composition, with these differences coming from the impurities in the crystal ranging from simple free elements to entire organic compounds.Excellent stone for empowerment and courage, this crystal helps those who are survivors of domestic violence, emotional abuse, bullying, and those healing from sexual assault. Working on the sacral chakra it can rejeuvenate creative and sexual energies and combats depression, shame and guilt. It helps with those feeling apathy and spiritual disconnection and helps maintain balance during times of struggle. Physically it helps with circulatory system, the libido, metabolism, and detoxification. Red Jasper is a great tool to have onboard when healing from sexual traumas and moving to places of empowerment through it. 


Rose quartz is one of the many variations of the most common silicate mineral native to Earth: Quartz. Quartz is a crystal formed of repeating SiO₂ molecules (silicon dioxide). In its pure form, quartz is colorless and transparent, yet different variations of quartz with different opacities and colors occur all of the time; Rose Quartz is a pale pink or pale red version of quartz, colored by microscopic amounts of iron, titanium, or manganese amidst the SiO₂ crystal.
 Known as the romance stone, rose quartz opens up your heart to love- any kind, anywhere, and anytime. The effects of this lovestone are more far reaching, however: it promotes one’s ability to forgive and cooperate with others, not only helping themselves live at ease, but helping others too. Rose quartz is also known to help regulate metabolism, helping the body maintain a more youthful complexion and fight diseases.


Also known as Anyolite, Ruby Zoiste is a fairly hard crystal found in Tanzania. Ruby Zoiste is known to aid in the healing of trauma because it is a heart based crystal stimulating compassion and balancing the connection between mind and heart. Physically it is an excellent aid in easing adrenal fatigue and female reproductive issues. Ruby Zoiste is a wonderful tool to have on any self-healing journey.

Scolecite is a white mineral that is part of the tectosilicate group- that is silicate minerals with a three-dimensional framework (in terms of molecular bonding. Scolecite is in fact a mineral formed from aqueous solutions, meaning that water is part of its crystal structure. Scolecite usually occurs in conglomerations of needles. Scolecite is pyroelectric, so if there is a change in temperature, it may create electrical current! Known localities include India, Iceland, and Germany. Scolecite is excellent for meditation and spiritual reconnection. It promotes love and self-healing. It can help move past any wounds from bullying and come to peace on emotional and spiritual levels. Scolecite is said to help with insomnia and inspire creative thoughts. It is a useful tool when dealing with anxiety and obsessive thinking, it helps to   examine thoughts deeper and increases empathy and sympathy which makes it valuable as progressing on any healing process. Physically Scolecite helps with insomnia. Scolecite is an important tool to ground and heal particularly using its physical weight of it alone will help calm the whole body mixing in with its energy to soothe the mind and spirit.



Formed from compressed water particles, Selenite is one of the four varieties of gypsum,  this protective stone shields from negative energy  and purifies the environment. It is a self-cleansing crystal and can be used to cleanse other crystals. It helps to expand self-awareness and clear the mind by connecting to spiritual self. Selenite is found all over the world.  Helping to calm, re-center, and meditate it is essential to any Empath's collection as it deflects incoming energy.  Physically the stone promotes nervous system health, musculoskelatal flexibilty, aid in cancer and fertility treatment.


Shungite is a mineraloid that is composed almost entirely or entirely of carbon. It is not very common to find this mineraloid in the world, its only substantial locality being in Russia. It was first discovered near Shunga Village in Russia, hence its name. Being carbon based, a lot of shungite is found around fossil deposits. Shungite is very useful for purifying water, and has been used as an anti-bacterial agent.Shungite is powerful and protective crystal known to shield from toxicity on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Creating a filter for toxic energy from people and a boundary for the person who is using the Shungite as tool to become clear and decisive in thought and action to be straightforward and not tolerate unacceptable or abusive behaviors in their lives. This is excellent for those healing and recreating their boundaries in their healing journey. Physically Shungite purifies and cleanses the body helping to detoxify on the physical level. This is a powerful tool to supplement your ever-growing toolbox.


Smoky Quartz Smoky quartz is a form of the same SiO₂, but appears black and cloudy, giving it a “smoky” appearance. This is a result of the natural irradiation, breaking up the quartz molecules into Si and O₂, with the Silicon giving off the dark hue (while the O₂ is the same kind of oxygen we breathe!). Smoky quartz is one of the more popular grounding stones available, helps lift depression, calms fear and brings stability and aids intuition. 


Obsidian that has crystallized pieces throughout its structure. Found in North and South America.  The stone of purity it helps to bring thoughts and emotions that need to be cleared to the surface to help the healing process. Spiritually helping to connect with guidance. Physically it helps with the detoxification process. This stone is excellent to help cleanse the mind, body, and emotions as you work your way through the healing process.


Soapstone is a rock metamorphic in nature, being a mix of talc and schist. Despite being primarily composed of talc, the metamorphosed portion of the talc becomes a schist. Soapstone has been carved on for thousands of years. Softer versions of the rock have been likened to the feel of soap, hence its name. Soapstone can be found worldwide, with the largest deposits in Brazil. It is said to aid in calming and helps when a person is going through changes and transitions, or trying to change patterns that are no longer serving their purpose. It helps both to bring physical, emotional sense of peace and helps allow to open our channel to receive energy and be in tune with the Universal guidance making soapstone a great addition to any toolbox on any healing journey.


A rare blue-violet crystal that occurs in igneous rocks. Sodalite is found in the Eastern United States, Canada, Greenland and Russia. Helping to trust and develop intuition and spiritual connection, this crystal is connected with communication and clearing the throat chakra. It helps discharge anger, negative energy, and look at truths objectively which helps to clear thoughts from the psyche without the blockage of judgment. This is essential to the healing process. Physically it helps cleanse the lymphatic system and gland metabolism, shed excess weight, and reduce acid in the digestive system. 



Tibetan Cymbals also called Ting-Sha and used in Buddhist prayer and rituals. Traditionally they were used in ritual offerings to the "hungry ghosts", find them in used in yoga and musical recordings but are specific to religious rituals.

The Bowls are used for meditation, to relax and re-center. The bowls use sound frequencies to restore harmonic vibrations to the body. Using the bowl during a healing journey can assist in re-centering and slowing down. They can be utilized in several ways inducing trances to interrupting and calming anxiety.   


Golden-brown cat-eyed crystal because fibers of the crocodolite mineral or replaced by silica. Tiger's eye is especially helpful for children who are healing from physical illness and are feeling isolated from their peers. It enhances their confidence, focus, sense of security. Tiger's Eye balances emotional well-being, use of personal power, self-criticism, and emotional extremism and brings clarity of purpose so resolution can be sought in decisions. It can be used as a tool for those with addictive personalities as it  promotes moderation and acting from a place of centered and sacred space. Physically it is a blood fortifier and helps with the endocrine system, has been used to balance both hemispheres of the brain, work with the digestive system and disorders of the eyes. Tiger's eye is an excellent crystal to have to ground and center back in when in your healing journey.


 Topaz is a silicate mineral, much like quartz. In pure samples, topaz is entirely clear, but most topazes are prized when colored with impurities as they are commonly found anyway. With a base unit of SiO₄, topaz bears many similarities to quartz, but itself is a very different kind of crystal, even with a high hardness rating than its quartz cousin, in fact being the hardest silicate mineral known. Topaz, as a silicate, can be found anywhere, most commonly in igneous rocks. Stone of love and good fortune. A stone to help attain goals, helps with honesty, faith and trust. Known to help attract the right person into your life and for success in business endeavors. Topaz in one of the hardest minerals in the world and is found on almost every continent. It is said to be an excellent post-surgurical aid as it promotes tissue regeneration, helps overcome exhaustion, aids in recovery from endocrine disorders, and help with recovery from respiratory illnesses. Stabilizing the emotional self it promotes removal of fear and doubt and building of self-esteem and self-worth.  A stone of joy found in one's own worth and being.


Tourmalinated quartz is essentially a mass of quartz with tourmaline residing among its formation. A lot of times, tourmalinated quartz is formed from a quartz base and “needles” of tourmaline among, producing an unusual look for a natural rock. The majority of it is now mined in Brazil. A combination of spiritual connection and grounding its an excellent protection stone for Empaths because it deflects the negative energy and still allows for the meditative properties and amplification of energy that clear quartz brings. It cleanses the auras and marries the properties of both black tourmaline and clear quartz making it both very powerful and protective. This crystal can be used to bring good fortune and access higher consciousness and can be carried on you at all times as a good luck charm. 


Turquoise is a phosphate mineral, with a beautiful sky blue color coming from its copper content. Something interesting about turquoise is that it is a porous mineral due to having water as part of its crystal structure. Despite being largely important in Persian and Native American cultures, most turquoise today is found in Southwestern United States. A stone for those who are working on self-forgiveness and self-acceptance, a tool for those working through depression, panic attacks,  and exhaustion turquoise works to bring solace to the whole-body system, working to calm nerves particularly when speaking in public, bringing clarity of thought and problem-solving on a creative level. It works to restore balance especially to areas of the head, neck, ears and throat and helpful for respiratory issues. Strengthening physical and psychic immunity it is  Found in very arid regions of the world like Egypt, the Southwestern United States, Chile, Mexico, and China. This green-blue mineral is a hydrous phosphate of  copper and aluminium, it has been used since ancient times worn by warriors to protect them in their battles, it is a crystal any modern day warrior can add to their collection.  


 Unakite is a mixture of granite, pink feldspar, epidote, and (usually) colorless quartz. Unakite was discovered in the Unakas Mountains of North Carolina, from which it gets its name. The rock is found all over the North American continent, though has been found in South America and China. Gently and effectively gets to the root emotional cause of any physical illness. Excellent for those working on and with emotions buried in the body. It helps to work with these wounds in a way that don't reinforce and reintroduce the trauma making the healing process more effective. Physically it is great for the heart, lungs and re-growth of tissue, and promotes healthy pregnancy and stimulates weight gain when required. Unakite is a gentle healer for both the mind and body. 

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