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  • Shungite is a mineraloid that is composed almost entirely or entirely of carbon. It is not very common to find this mineraloid in the world, its only substantial locality being in Russia. It was first discovered near Shunga Village in Russia, hence its name. Being carbon based, a lot of shungite is found around fossil deposits. Shungite is very useful for purifying water, and has been used as an anti-bacterial agent.Shungite is powerful and protective crystal known to shield from toxicity on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Creating a filter for toxic energy from people and a boundary for the person who is using the Shungite as tool to become clear and decisive in thought and action to be straightforward and not tolerate unacceptable or abusive behaviors in their lives. This is excellent for those healing and recreating their boundaries in their healing journey. Physically Shungite purifies and cleanses the body helping to detoxify on the physical level. This is a powerful tool to supplement your ever-growing toolbox.

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