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Obsidian Pyramid

  • Obsidian is formed when felsic (silica-rich) lava is extruded from a volcano a cools rapidly but produces minimal crystals. This forms a crystalline glass of silicon dioxide. The black coloration that occurs in obsidian is large in part the same process with smoky quartz, albeit to a much larger degree- the irradiation of the silicon dioxide crystals releases silicon freely which gives the stone a dark, nearly black color. Obsidian, being volcanic glass, can be found anywhere with volcanic activity, more precisely felsic lava flows. Obsidian is known to help support through the grieving process and helping people face their inner demons, or shadow self, which is important when healing from addictions and abuse. This crystal supports the re-establishing of personal power and sense of self after traumatic events which is important to the healing process. The wounded warrior is always a warrior, and appropriately this crystal is also known as "Apache Tears". Physically it is known to help seeing the mind-body connection with illness, and help with musclo-skeletal tension. Obsidian is a crystal of empowerment that all those healing can use in their collection. 

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