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No. It’s two simple letters that have more meaning than any word ever could

But you didn’t understand it’s meaning, even though you should

I tried my hardest to make you understand me

Wishing you would


I guess you didn’t hear me clearly

Maybe I should scream it louder, maybe lose my voice to make you hear me

Do I have to get violent? I will if I need to

Just to make sure you understand me


I don’t mean to hurt you

But when all you do

Is attempt to tear me down

What else am I supposed to do?


I will not drown

Myself in the tears of the one who was pushed around

By your lack of understanding of the words that I spoke

You will not drag me down


I will not choke

On my words. You will hear my words. See the smoke

Flow from my mouth as I spit fire at your hate

You will understand that this wasn’t just a joke


It’s too late

To tell me you didn’t hear me. Too late

To say I never said it. I know that you know

What the word means. But I guess for you, it is too late


I will make sure you know

How much you have hurt me, you will know what every devastating blow

You took to my trust, my love, and my pride did to me, all because you couldn’t understand the meaning of the word


Author: Wynter Bartley

Meaning to the Author:


I created this during an extremely dark and angry period in my life. Writing this poem gave me an outlet to release and express the anger I was struggling with.

What creating this did for the author:

I created this during an extremely dark and angry period in my life. Writing this poem gave me an outlet to release and express the anger I was struggling with.



Icarus flew too close to the sun, His goal left in burnt wing,

Dealers stare down the barrel of a gun,

Little does truth lie that dreams sting.

When the wolf howls at the moon, A pencil tip breaks,

As it happened too soon,

When a reward it unmakes.

A tunnel to darkness,

The scale tips,

Golden untruthfulness,

A total eclipse.

Author: Dylan Snyder

Meaning to the Author:

To me it is nothing more than a symbol of disappointment. Unappreciation for hard work, whether shown by disapproval or failure.

What creating it did for the author:

Creating it didn't do anything for me besides entertain me as I made metaphors. In fact I didn't feel anything from when I wrote the poem. I was hoping it would just be relatable for people.



cerulean eyes meet mahogany, both have flecks of yellow, the color of a blooming marigold.


one’s lips are thin and the light shade of crepe, while the others are plump, darker, fuller. 


one’s skin is pale, freckles sprinkled on the flesh, while the others is smooth, dark, like golden honey. 


one’s voice is creaky, trembly and hushed, while the others is think and confident, sending out waves of speech from their mouth.


one’s hands are small and soft, fingers short, while the others are bigger and strong, knuckles protruding out from their clenched fists, slender fingers curved around each other.


one’s face is slender, jawline sharp and willowy, while the others is rounder, pink cheeks and curved.


one’s soul is hidden, but bursts out light when uncovered, like moonlight, while the others shines brightly like the sun. 

Author: Molly Ehrlich

Meaning to the Author:


sometimes i just make poems without a meaning. a thought of two souls, completely different, but swirling together, and then i made the souls into humans. i didn’t put any genders or real descriptions, cause i think people can have their own views and perceptions on this, which is pretty cool! i like to make poems that make me, an hopefully my readers think. 

What creating this did for the author:

this only took me five to ten minutes to write, but i think it was cool to express the emotion of finding someone who was different then you, but you two got amazingly well together, so that was pretty cool. 

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