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Labradorite Smooth

  • Labradorite is a sodium calcium aluminum silicate, meaning that connected to the silicon and oxygen (“silicate”) structure, is also sodium and calcium. Labradorite is notable for exhibiting iridescence, that is, the appearance of changing colors when viewed at different angles. This is due to microstructures that interfere with the deflection and refraction of light. Labradorite of the best quality is found in Finland, with other important quarries in Ukraine, Australia, and Madagascar. Labradorite is known for soothing an overactive mind and helps with the imagination, brings adventure and fun back into your life. Helps with introspection and being clear in thought and bringing wisdom to thoughts. It helps banish fears, anxieties and increase faith. Physically it helps the respiratory system and with colds, helping with the eyes and brain disorders, and good for lowering blood pressure. This stone is excellent for bringing "magic" back to your life and spirit.

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