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It’s All About Voice



 Serenity Writing Works focuses on creative outlets for body, mind, and spirit. We offer Creative Space, an online gallery for authentic expression.  Visitors are welcome to contribute, to view, or both. Empath skills for highly sensitive people to develop practical skills to use in their everyday life to feel confident, calm and clear. Energy and bodywork is available in person or via distance focusing on mindfulness, stress management, anxiety, centering, effects of trauma of on the body, and body-mind reconnection. This is your story to write. Be creative, be authentic, and be you.​

Old Book

Finding peace through connection, creativity, and authentic

To  provide creative outlets for body, mind, and spirit for highly sensitive and empathic people recovering from trauma and dysfunctional environments so they can connect with their authentic selves, live a life they choose,  and feel safe doing it. And inspire hope with a gentle shift in perspective.
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