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  • Morganite is a Beryl Aluminum Silicate, itself just a variation of Beryl in a pinkish-purple variety. Morganite is also related to Emerald and Aquamarine. Morganite was named after the American banker J.P. Morgan, who himself was a collector of gemstones. Morganite is extremely rare in nature, and so has no notable locations where it is found. The crystal of Divine Love, attracts the abundance of love in your life, heals the heart and heart chakra a tool in healing fears, anger and resentment. It fosters love by healing the deep blocks to meaningful loving relationships. It is known to help attract your soulmate and enrich your current relationship, can also bring peace and acceptance in the grief process because of connection to the Universal love and energies. Physically Morganite strengthens the heart and is good for the thyroid gland and respiratory system. Morganite is excellent for the heart in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

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