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  • Believe it or not, hematite is a conglomerate of rust. Pretty lackluster right? Rust is made when metals oxidize, or react with oxygen. This is largely an electrochemical process, and in fact there are many industries making money of research in this area, making hematite valuable. When iron rusts, it is going back into an ore, so in essence, hematite is also iron ore. The base unit of hematite is Fe₂O₃, otherwise known as iron oxide. Hematite can be found anywhere around the world, many of the places already having been discovered and are devoted mines. Hematite is a collector of negative energies, it is an excellent crystal to help gather and hold toxic energies. It is important to clear this crystal often, and Empaths may want to be extra cautious when carrying this crystal on their person, instead use it in the surrounding environment, because it will attract and hold onto energies. Hematite is excellent for grounding a room or a person's energy body. It is wonderful for organizing thoughts and the logical mind. It helps where there is elevated emotion in and quiets the mind, and because of its uses in grounding it can be a useful tool for anxiety. Physically hematite helps with healing the blood and iron deficiency. Hematite is excellent to have when working to stay grounded and dispel negative energy in the environment. 

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