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Green Quartz

  •  Green quartz, as per its name, is another form of quartz that we so often see in the crystal world. Like citrine, green quartz is a heat-treated variation of amethyst. Amethyst is quartz with iron impurities, irradiated enough to become purple. Therefore anywhere that quartz is violet like an amethyst, it can be green too. Green quartz works directly on the heart chakra Green Quartz helps to increase empathy, compassion, and wounds within the heart area. It brings in the concept of Universal love and is good for both the giver and receiver when it is given as a gift. When used in meditation it amplifies the energy of Universal Love which emanates from the heart chakra which is part of the forgiveness process and can be helpful in recovery work. Physically it helps with the Endocrine System.  This crystal can be a true gem for anyone looking to elevate their vibration in mediation and clear energies. 

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