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Priced per piece. Available for in store and shipping. Shipping calculated separately.

Empath Kit

  • Combining Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Selenite and Palo Santo we have created a basic Empath Set that aids in clearing, cleansing, amplifying, grounding and protecting Empathic individuals. 

    Black Tourmaline shields, grounds and protects the energy field by discharging energy. 

    Rose Quartz holds on and amplifies loving vibrations to help heal and restore peace to the system. 

    Selenite is a powerful Crystal excellent for shielding and clearing both the energetic field and other crystals. 

    Palo Santo is a shamanic wood that cleanses the aura and energy field and can be used after meditations, to clear a field or energetic space. 

    Working with this set of tools can restore harmony and balance to your system

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