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Citrine Keychain

  • Citrine is another form of quartz. In fact, it’s another form of amethyst, a heat treated variant. Amethysts are quartzes with iron impurities, irradiated enough to become purple. When exposed to further heat, the amethyst becomes the yellow citrine. Thus, anywhere around the world you can find amethyst, and possibly with the amethyst, citrine. Allowing the reception and acceptance of joy, citrine is a powerful crystal for manifesting and bringing prosperity to your life. Cleansing negative energy to the atmosphere and energies within the body itself this powerful crystal amplifies the energy of the whole body. It inspires creativity and increases self-esteem, which can be instrumental in healing. Physically Citrine helps support the endocrine system and physical stamina, helping with nervous system, and elimination it is a must have in your collection.  

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