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  • Chrysocolla is a copper silicate mineral. Chrysocolla never naturally occurs in conventional crystal deposits- it is often found in certain formations where one can’t tell the crystal shape. What anybody could tell, however, is the rich and beautiful blue color given by its large copper content. That said, chrysocolla is also known as an ore of copper, and is found in many of the copper deposits around the world. Copper (and chrysocolla with it) is often found in arid regions, but can be found worldwide. Chrysocolla is a stone to aid healing after any rocky patch in your life because it is known to calm emotions and center mind and spirit to help the whole process. It aids loving communication and helps those with trauma wounds calm down when facing triggers so they can think clearly. Physically it is known to help The nervous system, digestion, adrenals, and thyroid conditions. Bringing you together with your inner truth, wisdom and appropriate and safe communication which is invaluable when moving along a healing path. 

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