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Black Tourmaline Pyramid

  • Tourmaline is a “crystalline boron silicate mineral”, which really means that its crystalline structure is made up of repeating units including Boron and Silicon and Oxygen (commonly compounded as silicon dioxide). The tourmaline family is classified as a cyclosilicate (a ring arrangement of Si₆O₁₈), with a hexagonal crystal structure.
      Black tourmaline is unique in having higher concentrations of iron than others in the same family (NaFe²⁺₃Al₆(BO₃)₃Si₆O₁₈(OH)₄). This concentration allows for magnetic properties in the mineral! These kinds of tourmalines are also referred to as “Schorl” tourmalines. Schorl is mostly mined in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Namibia, Brazil, and Madagascar, among a few other minor locations. Excellent for Empaths because it deflects negative energy and protects the aura. An important crystal for Empaths to carry on them to protect from environmental influences.  Its great for channeling energy through and grounding which is helpful when dealing with triggers.  It can help to release thoughts of self-harm and toxic thought processes.  Physically black tourmaline helps with arthritis, lower back pain, pain in the lower limbs, and the digestive system. Black tourmaline is essential for Empaths and anyone on their healing journey to add as a protective crystal to their collection.

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