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Amethyst Baby Cluster

  • The stone of courage and truth, it is used to empower you to find your own truth and live aligned with it. Helping to set and maintain clear boundaries, this crystal is wonderful for those working of creating a healthy space for themselves on all levels and it can be used to reinforce that idea as a physical presence. Amazonite is a blue-green form of feldspar that was at one point found almost only in Russia, is still only found in Mynamar, India, Ethopia, Madagascar, Brazil , Colorado and Virginia. Amazonite helps to align the etheric and physical bodies so it is great for chakra balancing. Helping with trauma healing as it soothes and balances the mind, calms worry and directs anger. Helping with self-care as a whole it is important to anyone on a healing journey. On a physical level it is said to help alleviate symptoms of  infection, thyroid symptoms, and muscular symptoms.

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