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Empath Skills

The Importance of Energy Management & Self-Care



Individual Skill Building Sessions

Individual skill building to teach personal energy management, body awareness, and energetic boundaries. The goal is to teach tools that can be implemented in their daily life and empower people to set and maintain the energetic boundaries and self-care skills to achieve peace and calmness in their lives, so they can progress in the areas they want to grow.  

Online sessions available 


Benefits of energetic management & self-care tools

  • Build skill for grounding & meditation

  • Build a sense of peace

  • Establish & maintain your own energetic boundaries

  • Develop skills to deal with the overwhelm of other's energy

  • Develop body awareness and use it to feel safe and connected

  • Learn to trust your own guidance and judgment

  • Build skills to meet goals that work for you 

  • Build skills around empowerment 

  • Feeling of safety

  • Sense of safety in body

  • Building practical and useful self-care skills

  • Building and implementing energetic boundaries 

  • Ability to move forward with personal and professional goals

  • Build skills for meditation


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Being empathic and highly sensitive is a gift that we can use to connect to others, explore our world, and thrive in our environments. 


 Building up skills

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