Finding peace through connection, creativity, and authentic
We are here to provide creative outlets for body, mind, and spirit to highly sensitive and empathic people recovering from trauma and dysfunctional environments so they can connect with their authentic selves, live a life they choose,  and feel safe doing it. And inspire hope with a gentle shift in perspective.

It’s All About Connection


​Serenity Writing Works, LLC. We are about connection and facilitating healing through creativity both in-person and online.

Serenity Writing Works, LLC began in 2011 with a little boy saying to his mom “I don’t get it mommy, it’s just weird”.  From those words was born the book “The House of Weird”. It was an act of love dedicated to those children who have yet to speak, and this company has grown into a forum for people needing a safe place to exercise their voice.

This started as a small publishing company to print a book, and it grew from there. It has been part of what has driven my personal and professional growth in ways I could have never imagined on the day my now-grown son first uttered those words. The story is still being told,  chapters added, pages revised, but always with the goal of providing a safe space for creative expression to help in the healing process. Creativity is an expression of who we are and the goal is to give you a safe space to allow creative expression and to facilitate connection with others who are doing the same.  Whatever page you are on in your Recovery Process, or this website it is about connection. We offer bodywork services, empath services,  books, creative spaceways to upload original creative works of all types, ways to view the work that has been uploaded, and longer empath development programs. We collaborate with professionals throughout different specialties who share a common passion for serving through their chosen field. Our services are for anyone looking to re-write their story, and specializing in people who are highly sensitive and empathic recovering from trauma. This is a community for those who are looking to connect to others on their journey.

Healing takes courage and vulnerability, it can feel like you are the only one in it even when you are surrounded by supportive and loving people. Serenity Writing Works, LLC was created with all that in mind and it is open to all those who want to use their creative expression with others and share it with others.

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