About the Author
Alisa Schneidman LMT, BCTMB, CRM & Adv. CST Practitioner 



Hi there, I am Alisa and thank you for connecting. I am a warm-hearted, sensitive person who has a passion for growth. 


I love helping people find peace through a connection through creativity and authentic expression. I want others to know that no matter where they are in their journey there is a safe place and space for them. I am a published author, Massage Therapist with National Board Certification, Advanced Craniosacral Practitioner specializing in Somatoemotional Release, and Reiki Master. I have worked with multiple clients and every-time I am humbled to be part of their journeys.


I am also a highly sensitive person, survivor, and recovering person. Definitely a human becoming who needed the tools of recovery because the journey can be messy, feel lonely, and like you are barely making progress. Sometimes seemingly circling back to where you began! I wanted to give back because I found another way to live and know that it would give me hope knowing someone else had gotten to the other side of it.


I founded Serenity Writing Works in 2013 to be a place of support, hope, courage, and safety for those in a recovery process.  A place to use a creative medium to express authentically and help others in their process. A place to rewrite a story using multiple outlets. A place of solace and safety.


I have two boys, family, and friends whom I adore. I love my cats, to go for walks, to sew, write, and garden. 


That’s my story, I am grateful to share it and I am looking forward to connecting with you.